Elsevier Foundation Awards Grant to UCT Libraries HIV-Aids Archive

Elsevier Foundation’s 2010 Grant: Innovative Libraries Developing Countries to University of Cape Town’s HIV/AIDS Audio-Visual Archive.

UCT was selected as one of around 260 proposals worldwide for their innovation and potential for impact in the developing world. New York based Elsevier Foundation has awarded a three year grant of $75,000.00 to UCT Libraries as one of the recipients of the program committing over $300,000 to support the work of libraries in developing countries.

About UCT’s HIV/Aids Audio-Visual Archive

With a grant from the Elsevier Foundation, the University of Cape Town Library will undertake a unique archival project to safeguard and make accessible a decade of critical ‘primary source’ knowledge on the social and political aspects of the AIDS epidemic in South Africa. Three thousand hours of video footage generated since 1998 by the Community Media Trust will be curated and archived to ensure that the largest audio-visual collections on the AIDS experience in Africa will not become lost to South Africa, the country with the largest number of HIV positive individuals—or to researchers and policymakers around the world.

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