President Barack Obama Scheduled to Speak at UCT on June 30, 2013

An historic event is scheduled to take place at the University of Cape Town this Sunday, June 30, 2013.  UCT is privileged to host President Barack Obama, the first US president to ever speak on campus. In a White House press release:

“…the President will give a speech at the University of Cape Town, which will be his main framing speech of the trip about our Africa policy, focusing on these different areas of trade and investment, development, democracy, partnerships on behalf of peace and security.

The University of Cape Town is an historic site — one of the great universities on the continent; a place that has been host to very significant speeches, including the speeches Robert F. Kennedy gave — the Day of Affirmation address where he spoke about ‘ripples of hope.’ And so the President will be able to lay out a vision for U.S.-African relations going forward.”

President Obama will deliver his speech in Jameson Hall, which is expected to be streamed live on  No start time has been specified but the invitation states that the venue, Jameson Hall, opens at 1530hrs and the unofficial word is that he is scheduled to speak at 1800hrs.  Both times refer to local Cape Town time, so please make the necessary conversion appropriate to your time zone.  These scheduled times are all tentative, so always check with for regular updates.  The White House has published President Obama’s itinerary in Africa, which also includes stops in Dakar, Pretoria, Johannesburg, and Dar es Salaam.

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