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Your Legacy and the UCT Experience

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Forever fused together, the histories of UCT and South Africa are alike in many ways; each has its own milestones and remembrances, and each has made significant contributions to the world. As an alumnus/a, you too have a remarkable history, unique to your time spent at UCT: it’s your own “UCT experience.” Whatever that was, it changed you, prepared you for the life you were meant for, and opened up your world. Now is your chance to give back.

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Your legacy gift to UCT through your will can ensure that the university’s important work will continue, and it will have a meaningful, long-term effect on the future of UCT’s educational mission both locally and globally. High academic standards, intense intellectual curiosity, and striving for excellence continue at UCT every day, just like when you were a student. UCT is committed to developing and transforming society, and changing lives for the better.

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To give the gift of the ‘UCT experience’ to other young people, arrangements can be made for a donation through a bequest in your will. This can be done tax effectively in the USA through the UCT Fund, Inc. You can:

  • Include the University of Cape Town Fund, Inc. as a beneficiary in your will for a specific sum; for a percentage of your estate (thereby ensuring a specific distribution between your beneficiaries regardless of any changes to your estate) or the residue of your estate, after having made provision for your dependents.
  • Donate assets, such as stocks, bonds or mutual funds to the University of Cape Town Fund, Inc.
  • Make the University of Cape Town Fund, Inc. a beneficiary of a new or existing life insurance policy, gift annuity, trust, or retirement assets.

If you cannot make a gift today, know that a gift for tomorrow can make a huge impact. A deferred gift to the University of Cape Town through a bequest means you have the use of your assets during your lifetime, and you can consider many options to ensure that your bequest is personally meaningful. You may wish to establish a scholarship or bursary, named after family or in honor of a friend or family member. You may wish to endow a chair, or purchase books for the library, or assist in equipping a laboratory. There are many possibilities.

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For assistance in identifying the most appropriate area for your gift, please contact Diane Stafford, North American Legacy Officer, in the Legacy Program’s central North American office. All communication will be in the strictest confidence.

Bequest Language

“I give and bequeath …………………… (describe asset) [alternatively a percentage of my estate, or residue of my estate] to the University of Cape Town Fund Inc., a 501c3 charitable organization incorporated in New York State, to be used for ……………… If, in the opinion of the University of Cape Town Fund Inc. Board of Directors, it should become impossible, inadvisable or impracticable to apply the said bequest’s funds or income for the said purposes, the Directors shall use the said bequest or such part thereof in such manner as in its discretion may seem to be to the best advantage for other purposes related as closely as possible to the spirit and intention of this gift.”

Pertinent Information for Advisors and Estate Professionals

Legal Name: University of Cape Town Fund Inc.
Address: 132 East 43rd Street, #526, New York, NY 10017
EIN: 13-320-2349

For more information, contact the Legacy Program’s central North American office at (416) 648-5801 or by email at

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