UCT Key Priorities

Since UCT Fund’s incorporation in 1984, UCT  has received more than $20 million in grants and donations from U.S. alumni, friends, foundations and corporate partners. Through U.S. funding, UCT has built on its reputation for academic excellence and earned its place among the world’s top 200 universities. Investing in UCT’s future is more critical now than ever. UCT needs support to sustain its mission of providing excellent educational opportunities to the next, and future generation of scholars, researchers, and agents of change for the South Africa and the world.

The UCT Fund invites you to peruse the list of projects at UCT for which fundraising is currently underway. You can, and will make a difference for UCT and South Africa by supporting a project that you are passionate about. To learn more about UCT projects and giving opportunities please contact UCT Fund by email: info@uctfund.org.

Support UCT’s Higher Education Mission

Priorities by topic

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Help change the course of a life for promising students in need by joining the university to realise their academic potential. Support of bursaries helps financially struggling students and combats South Africa’s high dropout rates, ensuring every student has equal opportunity for access to higher education.

Capital Developments

Raise the University of Cape Town’s potential for growth and capacity development. Current projects include the New Student Residence OBZ Square, the New Engineering Building, and the New School of Economics Building.

Next Generation of Academics

Contribute to the Univsity’s growth as a global intellectual hub of new thought and invention. Support helps foster programmes that develop researchers at emerging, established (mid-career) and advanced stages of their academic careers.

Justice, Democracy and Human Rights

Reinforce South Africa’s justice and democracy issues that strive to give a voice to the rights of marginalised citizens. UCT projects include Children’s Institute (CI), the Gender, Health & Justice Research Unit, the Perinatal Mental Health Project, the UCT Law Clinic, and the Aids Archive.

Environment, Climate Change and Biodiversity – Earth Stewardship

Play a role in securing a sustainable future in Africa and globally. UCt’s current projects include African Climate and Development Initiative, Animal Demography Unit and Energy and Climate Change.

Health Sciences Research and Health Care

Strengthen South Africa’s health care and service delivery capabilities, ensuring UCT’s Health Sciences Faculty continues to address Africa’s most challenging health issues.

Schools Development (Educational Interventions)

Advance the quality of teaching and learning in South Africa’s schools by supporting UCT’s Schools Development initiative.

Cultural Heritage

Preserve Africa’s diverse heritage by supporting the work of projects including the Centre for Popular Memory (CPM), the Visual History Project at the Isaac and Jessie Kaplan Centre for Jewish Studies and Research, and the African Cultural Heritage Documentation Project.

Cultural – Performing and Creative Arts

Become South Africa’s patron of the arts to open more opportunities for creative expression. Current projects needing support include UCT’s Little Theatre and the world renown UCT Opera School.


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