Programs for Giving at UCT 2018

In conjunction with our 2018 Annual Appeal, here are some suggested areas of giving.

UCT USA Bursary Fund: This bursary fund helps talented students from historically disadvantaged backgrounds, affording them opportunities which would otherwise be unattainable, and ensuring that UCT continues to provide South Africa with superbly trained professionals and role models. Postgraduate bursaries are needed in particular, to unlock the brilliance of young scholars who have been raised in disadvantaged communities and deeply understand the kinds of problems we need to overcome as a nation – and who have the potential to make an impact through research and academia. More information.

Student Wellness Service: Increasingly critical, the Student Wellness Service makes an important contribution to promoting the mental health and wellbeing of UCT’s students. It offers comprehensive outpatient health service and predominantly short-term counselling and psychotherapy. More information.

Schools Improvement Initiative: This project does transformative work in Western Cape primary and secondary schools. “The Schools Improvement Initiative (SII) draws on the university’s broader resources to assist the Western Cape Education Department in improving the quality of education in this Province. The SII’s model of school improvement is sought through the development of strong university-school partnerships.” More information.

Distinguishing UCT: This campaign will build UCT’s endowment and provide a permanent source of funding that will enhance UCT’s ability to work towards its vision and mission. More information.

The Nelson Mandela School of Public Governance: This School helps advance excellence in leadership around the African continent. “The mission of the Nelson Mandela School of Public Governance, based at the University of Cape Town (UCT), is to promote and inspire strategic public leadership in Africa. As a multi-disciplinary centre, the School and its offerings are designed to make public service at the highest levels of leadership an aspiration for the most talented of the community’s rising generation.“ More information.

SHAWCO: This student-run NGO based at UCT celebrates 75 years of community engagement and work in the townships. SHAWCO’s mission is, “To practice and promote responsible citizenship in the South African context through health, education and social entrepreneurship initiatives. SHAWCO aims to create a supportive space for experiential learning and teaching, addressing inequality through innovative and sustainable approaches to community engagement.” More information.

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